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Soon we will launch our demo site where you can try our technology for analyzing speaking time between men and women and ethnic representation in any video or audio content. You can already sign up on to be one of the first to try it out.



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What we offer

For media companies

With our machine learning algorithms and our experience of diversity analysis we offer several solutions to best fit your needs

API integration

Get access to our API endpoints and measure speaking time distribution between men and women on your own content or as part of your own service.

from € 0.15/minute


Data analysis project

We analyze your video or audio content according to gender distribution and/or ethnic representation and provide a bespoke impact analysis.

from € 1,000


Diversity Dashboard

Coming soon – Get a comprehensive overview of all your content with our software tool – analyze data, follow trends and set up diversity goals.

from € 299/month


For enterprises and brands

Use our technology to health-check your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives

Data-driven diversity and inclusion project

Use our technology to measure speaking time per gender for meetings or conferences to keep track of how your company’s diversity initiatives are working in practice. We offer both standard packages and tailor-made consulting.


Words from our partners and friends

Ceretai not only gives women an equal voice, which is important on the path to more gender balance, they also make success measurable based on quantifiable data. Mission Female highly supports Ceretai’s approach for a more diverse world with equal chances for women.

Frederike Probert

Founder & CEO of Mission Female

Ceretai is one of those companies that have the courage to invest money, time and resources on the questions the rest of us are not questioning enough. The impact of what they do is not just important but crucial for creating a sustanable future for diversity in our industry.

Arash Pendari

Founder of Vionlabs

I wrote an article for Forbes online on gender biases in the 2019 Oscar nominated films and included results from an analysis conducted by Ceretai. Their data is a solid proof of the challenges under-represented groups are facing, and I was eager to share it with my readers.

Kim Elsesser

Forbes Contributor

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